Ep. 053 – Danielle Marchioro, Highline Medical Center Foundation

Ep. 053 – Danielle Marchioro, Highline Medical Center Foundation

This week’s guest is Danielle Marchioro, Executive Director of Highline Medical Center Foundation. Danielle joined Highline Medical Foundation four months ago to promote the mission of the organization. She spends her days getting out in the community, networking with board members, getting connected and plugging in with people. It’s her mission to share the story of the foundation and what they do in raising money to help Highline Medical Center Hospital provide access to quality health care for the members of the community who need it.

Danielle is originally from Spokane, Washington. She attended the University of San Diego where she spent a semester at sea and traveled around the globe. After college she wasn’t certain about what she wanted to do but always knew she wanted to be in nonprofit. With a lingering travel bug from her college travels, she decided she wanted to spend some time traveling. She decided to take an internship in Germany with The US Department of Defense, where she ended up living for seven months. She traveled every weekend and taught preschool during the week while she was there.

Danielle started her career in nonprofit after coming back from Germany and moving to Denver. She lived there for five years before moving back to Washington, a drive away from her parents, sisters and family.

Learn more about Danielle’s journey, the Highline Medical Center and the ins and outs of the nonprofit sector in this episode.


Episode Highlights:

  • Partnerships
  • The thing Danielle found most surprising when first starting in her current role
  • Team atmosphere in hospital culture
  • Danielle’s motivation to get into the nonprofit space
  • Ways the Highline Medical Foundation raises money
  • Ways to best get involved
  • Unique things the Highline Medical is doing
  • Highline Health Connections
  • Importance of listening in fundraising


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