Ep. 057 – Christian Harris, Founder of Sea-Town Real Estate

Ep. 057 – Christian Harris, Founder of Sea-Town Real Estate

This week Christian Harris is stepping into the hot seat and was interviewed by Laura Swift. He is the normal host of this podcast, as well as the founder and owner of Sea-Town Real Estate, which he started in January of 2017. He calls West Seattle home, has been married for 12 years and has a seven-year-old son. 

Priory to getting into the real estate business, he was a finish carpenter & high-end remodeler for 15 years. Now Christian is a business owner, podcast host, author, community advocate and connector. Through running an Indie Real Estate Firm, he has a huge opportunity to create a positive culture and leverage his influence to make a large impact in the community and partner with local non-profits to affect positive change.

When it comes to real estate, a lot of people get into it for the money. When Christian is considering bringing on a new agent, he looks for people who are driven to help others, collaborative and are already involved in helping the community. He wants those who are outward looking instead of just thinking about themselves and looking to get ahead at all cost. You can teach skills; It’s much harder to teach character.

Learn more about Christian’s journey, Sea Town Real Estate and other topics related to real estate in this episode.

Episode Highlights:

  • Why Christian decided to start Sea-Town Real Estate (2:30)
  • Attributes he looks for when determining if a person would be the right fit (5:58)
  • Christian’s managerial style (7:03)
  • Real estate is more than finding a house for someone (8:09)
  • The importance of working with nonprofits (11:04)
  • Decision to make the move to open his own brokerage (13:29)
  • What inspired Christian to start the podcast and where he sees it going (16:30)
  • How Christian met his wife (21:24)
  • Top 3 tips for a single gentleman who would like to ask a lady out (23:04)
  • What he recommends when a house owner thinks their home is worth more then it is (25:58)
  • What his biggest carpentry achievement is (29:03)
  • Christian’s leadership style (32:45)
  • Achieving another level of self awareness (35:51)
  • What Christian does in his free time (38:08)
  • Advice about owning your own business (46:05)

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