Ep. 058 – Marty Hartman, Executive Director of Mary’s Place

Ep. 058 – Marty Hartman, Executive Director of Mary’s Place

This week’s guest is Marty Hartman, the Executive Director of Mary’s Place. Mary’s Place fills the gap for people between the time they lose their home to when they find a new permanent residence. They provide ‘homes for now’ while offering families housing, safety and resources.

Mary’s Place has always been about removing barriers so people can find a place to stay as soon as possible. They take in single moms with kids, dads with kids, families with pets, multigenerational families and two parent families. They got start at Mary’s Place in 1999. Marty was hired at that time to reach out to the community of single women who were homeless at that time and ask them what they need.

Marty moved about 16 times before she was in 6thgrade. She always craved a sense of belonging and a sense of community. She wanted to make sure her neighbors and fellow humans had that as well. Marty wanted to bring a sense of community to Mary’s Place and help foster those relationships.

Learn more about Marty, her journey with Mary’s Place and more information about Mary’s Place on this episode.

Episode Highlights:

  • How Mary’s Place came to be
  • What Mary’s Place does
  • How Marty got involved with Mary’s Place
  • Engaging those in the homeless space
  • Relationships change lives
  • What Marty finds most rewarding about her role
  • Providing ways for communities to engage
  • Funding source for Mary’s Place
  • Better together
  • Diversion program
  • Treating this as the crisis that it is
  • Being creative with housing solutions
  • What people can do to partner with Mary’s Place


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