Ep 059 – Kristine Atri, Owner of The Escape Artist

Ep 059 – Kristine Atri, Owner of The Escape Artist

This week’s guest is Kristine Atri, owner of the Escape Artist in West Seattle. The Escape Artist is in the heart of West Seattle in the Alaska Junction and is West Seattle’s first and only escape room. An escape room is an interactive puzzle business where you solve puzzles, search for clues and escape and it’s super immersive. The Escape Artist is America’s first full motion escape room. At the Escape Artist you get 60 minutes to try to escape.

Kristine is from Buffalo, New York. She graduate from the University of Buffalo in Business and Psychology. Kristine graduated during the recession and joined the Air Force where she learned a lot and had a great experience. She was active duty for four years and now is in the Air Force Reserves. Kristin learned how to work with all types of people with a vast variety of different backgrounds.

Now Kristine finds herself in Seattle with her husband. In addition to being the owner of the Escape Artist, she is part of the Junction Association and the West Seattle Chamber of Commerce.

Learn more about Kristine, her background, how she got to where she is today and
The Escape Artist in this episode of Sea-Town Podcast.

Episode Highlights:

  • What is an escape room
  • Why someone would go to an escape room
  • How Kristine got involved with the Escape Artist
  • Making a business that makes people happy
  • What was surprising for Kristine when first starting out with this business
  • The Seattle permitting process
  • Kristine’s background
  • What Kristine learned from the military
  • Kristine’s passion
  • What it’s like to own an escape room
  • Military life to owning a business
  • Places to find community in West Seattle
  • Personal habits that contribute to Kristine’s success
  • Life hacks

Guest’s Contact Info:

www.goescapeartist.com– Use code SEATOWN for 10% Off your first visit


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