Ep. 065 – Erin Dury Moore, ED of WS Helpline

Ep. 065 – Erin Dury Moore, ED of WS Helpline

This week’s guest is Erin Dury Moore, Executive Director of the West Seattle Helpline. The WS Helpline is a community-based nonprofit putting a stop to homelessness before it starts in West Seattle and White Center through emergency services to families and individuals.

This is the WS Helpline’s 30thyear. In 30 years they have grown a lot. The average assistance for rent utility or move-in deposit is about 300 dollars. They serve 100 percent of the eligible individuals that call. 

Erin’s entire career has been in non-profit. Most recently, prior to her current role, she worked with child welfare and saw the impact of homelessness on families in the child welfare system. 

Learn more about Erin Dury Moore, her role at the WS Helpline, her journey and how she got to doing what she does today in this episode of the Sea-Town Podcast.

Episode Highlights:

  • The West Seattle Helpline and how Erin got involved
  • Keeping people in their homes
  • What brought Erin to Seattle
  • Major events for the WS Helpline
  • The most challenging aspect of Erin’s role
  • How the WS Helpline helps individuals in West Seattle
  • What Erin enjoys doing in her free time
  • What Erin loves most about West Seattle
  • Erin’s background
  • Best advice Erin has ever received 
  • Personal habits Erin possesses that contribute to her success
  • Erin’s favorite podcast

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