Ep. 066 – Brian Nelson – Unleashed at Stadium Bowl

Ep. 066 – Brian Nelson – Unleashed at Stadium Bowl

This week’s guest is Brian Nelson, Ted X speaker, retrieved Army Officer, life hacker and event planner. Today we will be talking with Brian about his annual community fitness event, “Unleashed at Stadium Bowl” at the historic Stadium High School in Tacoma, to benefit the pet rescue, “Kindred Souls Foundation“.

If you’re curious about Brian, he went to junior college prior to joining the Army. He’s a curious, high energy individual with a curiosity for life and passion for various things. One of those passions is sports. He has always been a Seahawks and Niners fan. 

Learn more about Brian Nelson, how he got to where he is today and the work he is doing revolved around the Kindred Souls Foundation. 

Episode Highlights:

  • Brian’s annual community fitness event
  • Kindred Souls Foundation
  • Unleashed Fundraiser
  • Brian’s goals and where life is taking him
  • Grit 360
  • Brian’s upbringing
  • Brian’s strengths
  • A habit Brian wishes he had
  • Meditation and reflection

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