Ep. 067 – Joe Jeannot – West Seattle Supper Club & Beer/Music Festival

Ep. 067 – Joe Jeannot – West Seattle Supper Club & Beer/Music Festival

This week’s guest is Joe Jeannot, founder of the West Seattle Supper Club & West Seattle Beer and Music Festival. Joe has been putting on community events in Seattle for years to bring great food, drink and people together.

Joe is born and raised in Seattle. He has always been a social person and little by little starting doing events. He enjoys getting people together and having gatherings. Joe is preparing to launch a rooftop series. Looking back, Joe has been in the Seattle restaurant scene for some time now and is always looking for new ways to use his hospitality background to bring people together.

If you’re interested in getting involved, Joe always welcomes the help and will find a great fit for you. 

Learn more about Joe, what he does and how he got to where he is today on this episode of the Sea-Town Podcast.

Episode Highlights:

  • How Joe got into creating local community events
  • Joe’s big news
  • Joe’s background 
  • The West Seattle Supper Club
  • WS Beer & Music Festival – changes to the second annual event
  • How to get involved
  • Asking more questions
  • Best advice Joe has ever received 
  • Personal habits that contribute to Joe’s success

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