Ep. 074 – Melinda Partin, Owner of Row House West Seattle

Ep. 074 – Melinda Partin, Owner of Row House West Seattle

Row House West Seattle

This week’s guest is Melinda Partin, owner of Row House West Seattle. Row House provides low-impact group rowing based workout classes, combining additional weight and floor exercises.

Row House has already had many members pre-sign up. They are hoping to have 300 by the grand opening. Row House is a boutique fitness concept, similar to a spin studio. Instead of bicycles, they provide a workout centered around rowing machines. There are different types of workouts. Some are solely rowing, but most involve weight and body weight exercises as well. 

At Row House, you can anticipate working more than 87 percent of your muscles and get almost a complete body workout in 45 minutes.

Prior to starting Row House, Melinda owned a marketing and advertising agency. Her background is in marketing and strategy. With her previous experience owning a business, she is excited about this new venture. Melinda grew up in East Texas and then attended the University of Washington. She decided to move to Seattle when a few friends were moving that direction. 

Learn more about Melinda, Row House West Seattle and what makes this fitness concept different from other group fitness gyms on this episode of the Sea-Town Podcast. 

Episode Highlights:

  • The pre-sign up process
  • What Row House is 
  • The group fitness trend
  • How Row House is different
  • Why Melinda moved to Seattle
  • Melinda’s transferable skills 
  • What Melinda is passionate about
  • Most challenging aspects of starting a business
  • Favorite things to do in West Seattle
  • Life hacks

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