Ep. 076 – Ryan Reese, co-owner of Pike Place Fish Market

Ep. 076 – Ryan Reese, co-owner of Pike Place Fish Market

This week’s guest is Ryan Reese, Co-owner of Seattle’s Pike Place Fish Market. Pike Place Fish Market has become world famous for their amazing & sustainable seafood and is top of the list for Seattle visitors and tourist for their fun fish throwing routine.

Ryan grew up in Seattle and went to Seattle public schools. He graduated from Eastern Washington University with a Business degree. Ryan got his start in the commercial real estate space. At that time it was the golden age, around 2001, and he did very well. He really enjoyed it while learning the ins and outs of business, making deals and connecting with people. He’s always been pretty entrepreneurial. 

Ryan has never been afraid of hard work. When he started at the fish market, it was completely out of his wheel house but it’s been incredible for him. During our conversation we talk more about the fish market, running a business and how to lead people. If you take care of your people, they will take care of you.

Learn more about Ryan, Pike Place Fish Market and all things entrepreneurial in this episode of the Sea-Town Podcast.

Episode Highlights:

  • Who is Ryan Reese?
  • How Ryan ended up at the fish market
  • Taking care of your employees
  • Handling fresh fish
  • The evolution of the fish market
  • Shipping overnight
  • Managing finances
  • What Ryan would do differently if he could do it again
  • Finding balance
  • Pushing past fear

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