Ep. 63 – Amy King, Co-owner Square Peg Dev. & Weld Seattle

Ep. 63 – Amy King, Co-owner Square Peg Dev. & Weld Seattle

This week’s guest is Amy King, Co-owner of Square Peg Development & Weld Seattle Non-profit. Square Peg Dev. is a collection of Seattle based construction companies focused on the building of quality products and productive people. They also run Pallet, building high quality, cost-effective portable shelter systems, focused on preventing and reducing homelessness through employment & the products themselves.

They faced difficulty when trying to find construction labor when they first started, leading Square Peg Construction to hire previously incarcerated individuals. They started hearing their employees stories and struggles with being previously incarcerated and the shockingly high rate of re-incarceration.  They decided to do something about it… and so Weld Seattle was born. Weld Seattle helps in removing the barriers to employment, housing and provide an active and supportive community for individuals, so they can break out of the incarceration cycle and become better employees and members of society.

Weld Seattle aims to create a healthy and structured program that provides individuals with tools that weren’t previously in their toolbox. 

Learn more about Amy, Weld Seattle and the opportunities available through Weld Seattle on this episode of the Sea-Town Podcast.

Episode Highlights:

  • How Weld Seattle started and got to where it is today
  • Inaccurate stereotypes or information circulating about incarceration individuals 
  • The impact of drugs
  • What makes the Weld Seattle program successful
  • Learning from watching other people
  • Amy’s day to day life
  • The biggest challenge Amy has faced so far
  • The homeless crisis is a people issue
  • Creating affordable housing with services built in
  • Different types of housing
  • Vertically integrated construction companies 
  • Giving people a chance and understanding their story

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