Ep. 77 – Final Podcast Episode… For Awhile

Ep. 77 – Final Podcast Episode… For Awhile

As we head into 2020, the Sea-Town Podcast is going to be taking a break for a while so Christian can focus on his business endevors and family. This is not “good bye” but simply a “see you in a while”. We have every intention of ramping up the podcast again with great new fresh guests… but it may be a little while.

After starting the Sea-Town Podcast nearly 4 years (May 2016), publishing 77 episodes & with a total of over 23,000 downloads/listens… I’m just not able to keep up with posting consistency or able to give the podcast the time and energy I feel it really needs.

We will be back though. Enjoy the interviews we have done this far and keep the recommendations coming, for new guests to feature once we start up again.

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